Top 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbourhood at The Point

Here’s the thing about moving to a new neighbourhood, there’s so many different emotions! Excited about moving into a new home, amid plans to buy new furniture and ‘things’. Looking forward to going to a new school, starting a new chapter, and meeting new friends. And meanwhile, missing the familiarity of your old place, your old neighbours and favourite barista. As you get ready to move into The Point community, here are some handy hints to create a smooth path for your new beginning!

1. Know Your Neighbours
Moving to a new community 101, is introduce yourself to your neighbours first up. If knocking on their door empty handed is a bit daunting, think about baking a cake to break the ice, or maybe offering a box of chocolates, it’s the way to most people’s hearts!

2. Walking Tour
There is no better way to take in the sights of The Point than to walk along the picturesque paths that complement the community’s glistening waterways. In your first week at The Point, why not take a walking tour of the area, don’t check the map, just stroll the streets and learn the layout, you’ll be surprised by who you will meet along the way.

3. Check in at The Point Community Hub
The Community Hub at The Point will be the best way to learn about the goings on within the community with several community groups to use the space as a base of operations. Check in with the team once in a while to learn about events and groups that might pique your interest.

4. Join a Group
Finding a group to join when moving to a new community like The Point is a great way to start new connections in the area. T​he Probus Club​ is very active in the Point Lonsdale area a great place to get to know some locals.

5. Meet the Locals
You probably know your favourite café owners by name from your old neighbourhood, so make sure you set out to find your new local haunt. Perhaps make an effort to try a new spot each week, so you can get a feel for what’s around the area. Head to the café strip along Point Lonsdale Road, or the many options in historic Queenscliff.

6. Read the News
To get up to speed with the area news spend some time reading the local newspapers. In the Point Lonsdale area there are quite a few to choose from, each offering a different spin on the news of the moment. For a more local feel try T​he Bellarine Times​ and the ​Geelong Advertiser​ for your dose of sporting news.

7. Find a Team or Fitness Group
You can’t beat joining a sporting team to meet some new people in your community. With such a focus on healthy lifestyles and fitness in The Point area, you are spoilt for options. Whether it’s football, netball, lawn bowls or fitness group, most will have an option to come and experience the club before you decide.

8. Try Something New
While you might be missing your old team or local group, maybe it’s a better idea to try something completely new to find your new balance. Point Lonsdale and the greater Bellarine area is the heart of leisure activity, so set some goals and try something a bit out of your comfort zone.

9. Throw a Party
If you’re game, be the first to initiate a street party to get all your neighbours together in a relaxed and welcoming setting. It’s as easy as putting a note in everyone’s letterbox, everyone bring a plate of food and some chairs, and make sure everyone knows the purpose is to get to know each other!

10. Ask Your Council
If you are unsure where to start in finding a group, joining a team, or even some ideas on how to make the most of your new area, you can always contact your local council. They will have a large range of information for new people to the area, and can definitely point you in the right direction.

The Point Land Sales Team can provide some great information on your new area to get you started.For information about h​ouse and land for sale in the Point Lonsdale area​,and helpful guidance for new home buyers across all aspects of the building journey, visit the team at 88-90 Point Boulevard in Point Lonsdale, or call them on 0427 257 712.


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