Time to Get Your Home Spring Ready

While the calendar may be telling us that spring has arrived across the Bellarine and Surf Coast, you won’t be alone if you are struggling to shed the winter blues. But, after months of hibernation, the days are becoming a little bit longer, the birds are chirping a little louder, gardens are looking a little more alive – it’s time to get yourself spring-ready.

To get on track for the new season, make a start with this house check list and add some spring into your step.

1. Clear The Decks

The best way to kick start your seasonal adjustment is to embark on a thorough spring clean. Empty your pantry and linen cupboards, freshen up the shelves, and only put back the items that you genuinely need. Similarly, to create some space and air in your wardrobes, pack away the heavy winter clothes and bring out the spring outfits perfect for those Point Lonsdale beach strolls!

2. Strip Back The Layers

Styling for the seasons doesn’t have to mean a total re-creation every few months, it’s more about adjusting and re-energising. Put away the thick throw rugs, the dark hued décor and heavy wintry bed linen, and start again with a fresh neutral palette. If the budget permits, look to replacing heavy drapes for some fresh sheer options that will add a lovely sense of light and movement in the spring breeze.

3. Colour Up The Mood

Nothing celebrates spring more than pops of colour. Think cushions in a lively spring palette or opt for a pastel combination for a softer style. It can still be chilly at night time during this season, so lighter throw rugs still have a place on the sofa or draped across a bed. Create some vignettes of interest with a trio of items in the same spring colour and add a few colourful pieces to your dinner and cook ware to really capture the essence of spring.

4. Revitalise With Greenery

While we may all yearn to scatter beautifully styled house plants around our home, for a fresh look, the fact is green thumbs don’t come naturally to everyone. Faux succulents are very on-trend and can create the same green injection without the maintenance stress. Vases of spring blooms or simple structured monstera leaves will definitely add to a springtime feel around your home.

5. Let The Breeze Flow

The transition to spring is much more tangible than the other seasons, there’s a certain feeling in the air and a familiar scent of blossom and new beginnings on the breeze. To blow away the winter cob webs, throw open all the doors and windows and let spring breathe its fresh air through every nook and cranny.

For more information about spring events, land release and news at The Point, get in contact with the friendly sales team via email on thepoint@rpmrealestate.com.au, call them on 0427 257 712, or drop in to the Land Sales office at 2281-2203 Bellarine Highway, Point Lonsdale.


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