Construction Continuing at Pace at The Point

A clear start to winter has allowed construction on-site to progress well. Electrical works throughout Stage 9 are now completed and light poles are fully installed.
Concrete kerbs have also been completed, while topsoliling of lots is now well underway. With works on site progressing at pace, Stage 9 is expected to be completed by the end July, with titles to follow shortly after.

Construction of the project’s first bridge along The Point Boulevard is nearing completion, with the remaining works – laying of the road pavement – scheduled to be finalised at the same time as civil works in Stage 9. Stage 10 construction is now well underway with significant earthworks taking place. Stage 10 is forecast for completion in March 2019, with titles to follow shortly after.

Stage 11 construction is also progressing with similar earthworks taking place on site. Stage 11 is expected to be completed in April 2019 with titles to follow shortly after.

Landscaping work at the entrance to The Point off the Bellarine Highway has continued following the opening of the roundabout earlier this year. The addition of plants and grass to the nature strips surrounding the entry waterway to The Point add a welcoming splash of colour on arrival.


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