Purchasing a home at The Point doesn’t only make good lifestyle sense, but even better environmental sense, too.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of this premier community, with The Point receiving accreditation for its commitment to sustainability across six categories including ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water and community.

The Point’s centrepiece, its winding 5 kilometre waterway has been designed to filtrate and improve the quality of storm water run-off before it is released back into our catchment areas, which provides a safer environment for future generations to enjoy.

The Point is situated is on the edge of a sandy coastal plain between the ocean beach west of Point Lonsdale and Swan Bay to the north-east. The site has been extensively disturbed during past shell grit mining and farming practices and has developed into a modified wetland complex. Swan Bay is a Ramsar listed wetlands and is part of Port Phillip Bay.
Surface and ground water naturally drains through the site into Lakers Cutting and then Swan Bay. Swan Bay is recognised for the large number of migratory birds that visit during the summer, and also for its marine flora, particularly seagrass.

The Development of The Point is being implemented in accordance with a comprehensive approval issued by the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. This approval requires continuing ongoing environmental management and the implementation of the development in accordance with strict controls.
The Developer is strongly committed to the delivery of The Point in a responsible manner and will regularly provide reports and updates in respect to the environmental attributes of the development through this website and community newsletters.
The residential, commercial, open space, and conservation areas of ‘The Point’ are being built around a central tidally flushed 5km loop of waterway.

Water Quality and Hydraulic Monitoring At the Point

To assist the design of the waterway, and to comply with conditions in planning and environmental approvals for the project, the Developer is implementing a water quality monitoring plan for the residential development and the waterway.

The monitoring programme comprises a collection of data for water flow and water quality for the water currently flowing into the site from Lake Victoria, through the site and into Lakers Cutting.

The monitoring results will inform the modelling of water flow and water quality through the planned waterway. They will also inform the creation of a water quality management plan for the construction and operation of the designed waterway.

The results of Monitoring undertaken in 2009/10 to establish Baseline data can be downloaded here.

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